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Proposition Builders

Future of Trust builds businesses and propositions around next generation Blockchain technology, token offerings, Internet of Things and Payment Solutions (FinTech). Our goal is to accelerate growth and impact of companies that share the common vision of being part of the next generation, using revolutionary technology.

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“As part of capturing our vision of bridging the gap between the digital and the physical using revolutionary Blockchain technology,  we believe in creating propositions and stories that encompass every aspect of your business. Because we know that propositions are foundational for any successful brand, business or community, as they help express value to key stakeholders, every step of the way.” ~ Pascal van Knijff

Blockchain Technology

  • Proprietary Blockchain
  • Big data Storage
  • Easy Token Creation
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Contracts

Token Propositions

  • Utility Tokens
  • Security Tokens
  • Asset Backed Tokens

FinTech Solutions

  • Next Generation Payment Technology
  • Issuing of Financial Assets
  • Exchange Technology

proposition builders

Best of all worlds

Team Future of Trust brings together people with vision, experience and pragmatic thinking. We’re uniquely poised to align the time, treasure, talent and technology  needed to build the right proposition. Our core team has proven track records in the areas of technology, marketing, financial services, accounting, banking, project management, account management, business development and HRM. Besides building Blockchain solutions, our team can enable every aspect of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Token Offering. Ancillary services include assistance with product development, project support and capital raising. Future of Trust covers multiple angles and disciplines and benefits from engaging with various top level service providers in the space, including Blockchain | crypto currency | FX exchange development companies, multi-channel marketing agencies, ICO bench-marking companies, legal experts and a group of Blockchain investors.

Workshops & Seminars

Create a Blockchain | token  proposition that adds real value and makes a difference!

Through our Cuttingwood Academy we have created Seminars & workshops that are designed around our proprietary Blockchain and Token Proposition Canvases. They are designed to help C-level executives, entrepreneurs and government officials, to better understand Blockchain and token concepts and capabilities in order to build real business generating propositions.

Propositions that describe the value that your Blockchain Use Case will provide to potential users, and stakeholders alike with the simple purpose of generating interest, demand and awareness for your solution and/or token.

Meet us at a global keynote speaking engagement

Malta | AI & Blockchain Summit

Malta | AI & Blockchain Summit

23-24 May |Hilton, Malta

Pascal van Knijff (CEO) will be delivering a keynote speech at the AI & Blockchain Summit Malta

Romania| Romania Blockchain

Romania| Romania Blockchain

21-22 |2019 Bucharest, Romania

Pascal van Knijff (CEO) will be delivering a keynote speech at the Blockchain Summit in Bucharest, Romania

Cuttingwood  Academy

Cuttingwood Academy

19-20 June |2019 Amsterdam

Pascal van Knijff will be delivering the workshop on the Blockchain Use Case Canvas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


What does it look like?

In order to help build propositions around Blockchain, token offerings and FinTech solutions, the core of the why | who | what, need to be clearly defined. With this in mind the Future of Trust was founded along with a passion to provide answers to the question
“What do good propositions look like?”

Team Future of Trust

Pascal B van Knijff

Pascal B van Knijff

Founder & CEO


Alex Dijkstra

Alex Dijkstra

Co-Founder & COO


Stephan Zijlstra

Stephan Zijlstra

Co-Founder & CFO


We’re Hiring

Team Future of Trust is looking for talent with vision, experience and passion.

Let’s Build the Future Together

Future of Trust is headquartered in, and operating from, the Netherlands.

Office Address:

Zandweegbree 7 A
8472 BC Wolvega

Email: info@tfoft.com
Phone : +31 85 30 12 870